thiiiis…creeps me out and is very SPESHUL SNOWFLAKE-y.

Is it bad that all I see when I see this is the perfect girl for a selfish, judgemental, shallow, unsophisticated, pointless fuckwit of a man who thinks that these attributes in a woman makes her special and more desirable.

I feel bad for attractive women in videogame t-shirts

men seem to think that they’re like THIS

This is disgusting. Fuck it, two can play this game! (Image found on

Take that!

I was crawling out of my skin looking at the top photoset, but the second one made me happy.

agree agree agree

Goes from reeeeeeeeally creeped out to happy.

okay the “you’re such a nice guy, let’s fuck” one made me want to punch things buuuuuuuut omfg 

the second set of memes is just great. XD

dat second set.

I won’t ask for bathroom breaks….but I’m gonna pee all over your car.

I’ll swallow, but I might accidentally barf it back up

My friends are all hot girls, but they’re also nuts and would never fuck you

LOLLL at both memes neither are true and never will be haha

Who made my girlfriend a meme?!

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